Maya sun God

Maya sun God

Ancient Maya craftspeople were masters at the delicate art of relief sculptures in stucco. Jade de Guatemala S.A. utilize the material to create a beautiful mask with jade inlay. Faithfully reproducing an archaeological piece from Palenque, they depict the sun god, an image buried in the tomb of Pacal, or "Shield Jaguar." The king is interred beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions, and this jade mask is a one of the many offerings found there. The Guatemalan artisans present the mask on a jade display stand, and it can also be displayed on the wall.

  • 47 kgs
  • 0 lbs
  • 18 cm H x 8.89 cm W x 8.89 cm D
  • 7" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" Jade, stucco, and stainless steel
  • Display stand included
  • Museum replica


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