About Jade de Guatemala


It’s a semiprecious stone harder and denser than common nephrite type of Jade. Guatemalan palette of shades of color goes from grayish white which Scientifics is basically one of the first color to be expelled when the surface. This process takes thousands of years.


  • Shades of light Green, dark green, emerald jade, blue green Jade, lavender jade, light yellow jade, pink jade
  • Mottled white, blue jade, black jade, rainbow jade, red brown, orange brown.

Some Heavy metals and minerals contaminate by the time de jade and produce different colors of jadeite jade

  • Iron oxide brings from dark green to black jade chemically known as Chloromelanite and is found only in Guatemala
  • Iron oxide small amounts and absorption of red light cause the pale green jade jadeite color
  • Chromium small amount produces Emerald green o Imperial Jade
  • Manganese produce Pink jade, lavender jade.


The authenticity of the jadeite jade used by our company has been verified by Gem Appraisal center of Peking University Type A

Our warranty covers manufacturer defect for 12 months after the date of purchase

Jade de Guatemala, S.A. cover all repair occurred unintentionally

The warranty will no cover any damages from misuse or chemical applied.

The warranty will not cover if a third part had tried to repair the jewel before our service department.


Do not apply chemical, lotion, perfume, cream on the jewelry. Please do no forget to clean the jewel after each use to remove chemical o acid from The human body PH.

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